Customer Experiences

"We drove through there to see what it was going to be when visiting family in Midland and can't wait for it to open! Reminds me of Buc-ee's!"

-Kim Smith, Houston, Texas

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"This is just what Midland needs! A place I can fuel up and grab dinner. I have been to the Main Street Market in Utah when I was traveling and it is top notch!"

-  Allyson Maywald, Houston, TX

"Great Mega Truck Stop! Subway inside and a Steak n Shake with a limited menu. A gallon of milk $1.99 and 18t Large eggs $2.79 is about the cheapest you can find around here. Ace Hardware and CarQuest Auto Parts is a plus! Restrooms are by far the best anywhere in West Texas for a truck stop. TVs in men's room is a plus."

-Allen Urias, Odessa, TX

"Buc-ee's has nothing on this place! And yes you can watch TV while you find relief!" (referring to the flat screen TVs in the men's restrooms)
-Scotty House, Midland, TX

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"This place is awesome. For those of you that cook on your truck, they have everything you would ever need, fresh veggies and fruits, meats, frozen foods, hell it is a small grocery store, auto store, hardware store and truck stop. Yall gotta check it out. I-20 exit 126 in TX."

Denise Hargis, Midland, TX

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"Wow!!!! I'm fascinated!! Had never been here before!!! They got all kinds of goodies n here, lol!! N the whole market itself!!! I'm always down to try out new places, ha!!"

-Emma Carrasco, Odessa, TX

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