The Road to Healthy Eating

by Petroleum Wholesale on November 28, 2015

Ahhh, truck stops! The lure of fast food can be strong. The toll on your bank account though, and your stomach, isn’t always worth it. In some cases, the food and its price might cause heartburn! One question you might be asking yourself is “How will I stay healthy while out on the road?” The hunger pains have set in after a long stretch of driving and the only thing you can think of is how fast you can get through the fast food line. Does this sound all too familiar? Well, FEAR NOT! We have some good news for you: being good isn’t as hard as you think. A variety of resources and tips are available to help our ROAD WARRIORS make better choices in an effort to maintain an overall healthier lifestyle.

Hustle past the pastries and chips and go straight to the produce and refrigerator case. More often than not, you can buy and cook food to eat in your truck that is far less expensive than any meal you could ever hope to buy in a restaurant.

Let’s pick 5 items form the produce and refrigerator area that you can whip up in no time. 

One basic item you can make almost anything in is a crock-pot! Remove the glass insert, and it becomes an oven! Line the bottom with foil and you can make biscuits, cornbread, cookies, and well..the list goes on and on. With the glass insert in you can make stews, soups, lasagna, roasts, or just put some water in it to heat up a can of food.


1.) Egg and cheese omelet

2.) Freeze dried eggs

3.) Egg sandwich (Bacon Lettuce Tomato Egg)

4.) Egg Salad

5.) Ham Steak and eggs


1.) French toast (milk and egg mix in bowl with cinnamon)

2.) macaroni and cheese

3.) Cereal

4.) Oatmeal (fruit goes great)

5.) Baby Bottle


1.) Tuna Sandwich

2.) Toast

3.) Grilled Cheese

4.) Pizza

5.) Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich


1.) Fruit salad

2.) Chocolate covered fruit (warm in crock pot)

3.) Smoothie

4.) Banana Peanut butter sandwich

5.) Fruit Juice (Mango, Orange, Apple)


1.) Crock pot chicken

2.) Chicken soup

3.) Chicken Salad

4.) Chicken Wrap

5.) Grilled chicken on a bed of lettuce


1.) Sweet potato

2.) Potato salad

3.) Loaded potato

4.) Garlic Parmesan in crock pot

5.) Potato skin, wedges, gratin

Live Life Deliciously!

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