Tips for Hosting the Perfect Holiday Dinner

by Petroleum Wholesale on November 24, 2015

Let’s face it! The art of being a happy host is far and beyond the call of duty. You want to WOW your guest, and have them thinking you’re a superhero host! I know it’s easier said then done, here are some tips for throwing a party without wanting to throw yourself over a ledge:


Panic Less:

Expect that something will go wrong—> and be ok with it

When you Host a party, whatever happens, just got with it, because more often than not, the thing you thought was such a disaster could turn out to be the party’s defining moment in a SUPERHERO way. Just because it’s not exactly what you envision doesn’t mean its the end of the world. Take baby steps if you are new to entertaining. Surround yourself with people who love you and are rooting for you.

Play More:

Focus on your strengths and don’t think you have to be an expert in all things party. I say, pick one thing you’re great at and ROCK with it! Ask yourself “ What makes me feel confident? What do people say you are great at?” If you feel like you implement the same ideas all the time but your guest continue to complement you on the ideas - KEEP DOING IT. They are complementing you hoping that you will continue to do it. Since you have conquered those ideas, try ONE new idea each party. This will keep the stress level at a minimum and you will PANIC LESS.


I’m sure by now you are ready to hear some ideas that you can implement in your HOST SUPERHERO task! The idea is to have that ”WOW” moment that your guest will always remember. Think outside the box and "Party On" with these simple ideas:

POTLUCK PLAN—> Everyone helps pull a potluck together, even kids. Bring in a chalkboard that says “TO DO” so no one gets away with being a slacker. Email the guests to ensure that everyone takes on a dish and is assigned a role to help out. (ex: uncle Bob is bringing the green beans and taking out the trash) You get to sample everyone else’s handiwork and there’s just something about everyone sharing the duties that goes well with the generous, selfless feeling of Thanksgiving.

BEAUTIFUL BUFFET—> Pay attention to detail like you would a dinner table. Creating a buffet allows you to create a gorgeous, abundant display. Grab empty wine bottles and fill with ivy or other trailing plants.

BOWLING PIN TURKEY—> How to keep the kids busy while you are in the kitchen. You can get bowling pins online, thrift stores, and garage sales. Instruct kids to trace their hands onto contraction paper and cut out design. These can be glued to the back of the pin for the tail.

INFUSED WATER—> A refreshing alternative to sugar-laden juice, infused water looks amazing in clear glassvessels. All you need to do is cut up slices of your favorite fruits or herbs, toss in a large drink dispenser, fill to the top with cold water, and let sit for two hours. About 10 minutes before guest arrive, top each one with ice.

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